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Our interview with Conor O'Brien (Interview Date: August 06, 2012)

Hi Conor; First of we sincerely thank you for accepting our interview offer.

tequciqalpa13: Can you briefly introduce yourself and especially your career in USA that we dont know much about?

O'Brien: My name is Conor O'Brien. I am from New York, USA. As for my career in the US, I played for a club team called Terryville Fire from age 10 until 18. We won the US National Championship at u18. Then I went on to play college soccer at Bucknell University. While at Bucknell, we won our league championship twice in my four years. I was named the Player of the League my final two years in a row. My last year I was named All-American and a semi-finalist (top 15 players) for the Hermann Trophy Award which goes to the best player in the country.

tequciqalpa13: How did you become interested in football? 

O'Brien: I began playing football at a very early age. It is very common for almost all American children to play it when they are young. My father really helped me develop a love for the game. So as I got older I just continued to play at higher and higher levels.

tequciqalpa13: We see several American footballers playing in Denmark; Rolfe, Rusin, Davies, Goodson, Parkhurst. Why do you think Danish League attracts American players so much?

O'Brien: The Danish League attracts so many Americans for a few reasons. It is probably one of the easier countries in Europe to live in because so many people can speak English and the standard of living is so high. Plus, the football is known as very technical and competitive. It is a good place for young Americans to try to make a name for themselves.

tequciqalpa13: Which characteristics differ Danish football from USA football?

O'Brien: Football in America, in my mind, is much more about athleticism and strength. Here in Denmark you can find more players who are willing to use the technical side of their game instead of worrying about size and speed.

O'Brien: "One of my favorite players is actually my teammate, Henrik Hansen"

tequciqalpa13: Who do you think is the best midfielder in the Super Liga?

O'Brien: There are so many good midfielders in the Super Liga. One of my favorite players is actually my teammate, Henrik Hansen. He is very creative and reads the game so well. I get to watch him in training, and I feel like I've learned a lot from playing beside him.

tequciqalpa13: Do you have any career goals or a league that you want to play in future?

O'Brien: My biggest goal is to play for the US National Team. It has always been my number one goal in football. As for a dream league, I don't really have one right now. I just know I want to test myself at the highest level I can possibly reach.

tequciqalpa13: What is the your weak point that you want to improve most in the field?

O'Brien: Every player has their own weaknesses and things they would like to improve. Since I have been here I have improved my strength very much and also my footwork when turning with the ball. Most times as a central mid-fielder it is your job to turn the play and give your teammates an advantage when going forward. I think that is something I am good at, but something I would like to be great at.

tequciqalpa13: For years SonderjyskE was defensive minded team that have several combative defenders and midfielders. Beginnig from last months of the last season we see a more entertaining and offensive football team that creates many goals and goal positions. What factors are associated with good offensive performance of the team?

O'Brien: I think the reason SonderjskE has become a much more offensive team in recent months is because of the players we have on the field now. The coaching staff has done a great job of selecting players that all have the same mentality and goals on/off the field. Every time we step onto the pitch, we feel that we have the ability to compete with these other teams. Instead of just putting defensive players in the midfield like SonderjyskE did in the past, now we have creative players that try to open up the game.

tequciqalpa13: You are playing with one goal and one assist after two week in league. It is a good beginning for both you and your team SonderjyskE. Can we say that participating in Europe League for next year would come true for SonderjyskE?

O'Brien: It is too early to say anything about the Europa League. Obviously all the teams in the Super Liga would like to finish near the top, but for now we will just focus on playing good football and trying to get points out of every match.

tequciqalpa13: Let’s talk about your life outside of football. What other hobbies do you have?

O'Brien: Outside of football I like to do many things. Back in the US I grew up playing all sports, such as Skiing, Baseball, Golf, Swimming, etc. I am very active and love athletics. I also love to watch sports on tv. I root for many of the NY Sports Teams.

tequciqalpa13: What kind of music do you like?

O'Brien: I like a lot of different kinds of music. My favorite is probably hip hop. Artists like Kanye West, Chris Brown, etc.

tequciqalpa13: Do you have any superstitions?

O'Brien:  I am a very superstitious person. The list is too long to name all of the things I like to do before and after a match haha.

tequciqalpa13: Last question is about your long-distance goal against Randers. How was your feelings after scoring? Ousted’s big mistake must be surprising for you.

O'Brien: To be honest, my goal against Randers was not that surprising to me. I like to shoot from distance whenever I can. I've scored goals from far out throughout my whole career. I even do it in training many times. I think Ousted received some unfair criticism for the play. He is a good goalie and probably should have done a little better, but if you watch the shot closely you can see there is a lot of movement on the ball. He was clearly fooled and by the time he tried to recover, the ball had too much pace for him to reach it. I hope to score more goals similar to that in the future.

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